Lampe Berger

Makes Scents is proud to carry Lampe Berger because only Lampe Berger is guaranteed to cleanse and purify indoor air, destroy 68% of bacteriaDSC_4031
found in the air, and eliminate household odors and pollution…at the same time it adds wonderful fragrance to your home.

We carry a variety of Lampe Berger lampes, but because our stock varies, we do not offer lamps for sale online. However, if you’d like to purchase a lamp, please call us direct at 1.800.250.2290, and we’ll be happy to describe the lamps that we currently have available.

Note: Please indicate your fragrance choices during the checkout process. All fragrances are available in the 500ml size. Fragrances marked with an asterisk (*) are also available in a 1L size.

L a m p e       B e r g e r       F r a g r a n c e s

Dreams of Exploration

  • Paris Chic
Dreams of Flowers

  • Delicate Osmanthus
  • Floral Passion
  • Lavender Fields*
  • Orange Blossom
  • Precious Jasmine
  • Sensual Bouquet’
  • Timeless Rose
  • Ylang’s Sun
Oriental Dreams

  • Amber Elegance
  • Amber Powder*
  • Charleston*
  • Enchanting Sandalwood
  • Magnificent Vetiver
  • Mystery Patchouli*
  • Precious Rosewood
  • Virginia Cedarwood*
  • Winterwood*
Sweet Dreams

  • Creme Brulee
  • New Orleans*
  • Orange Cinnamon*
  • Savory Apple Tart
  • Sweet Pear
  • Vanilla Gourmet*
Dreams of Fruits

  • Grapefruit Passion*
  • Green Apple*
  • Lemon Bubbles
  • Lemon Flower*
  • Under the Fig Tree
  • Waterfruits
Dreams of Freshness

  • Aquatic Wood
  • Atlantic Tide*
  • Citrus Leaves*
  • Forest Mist
  • Fresh Eucalyptus*
  • Fresh Mint at the Riad*
  • Green Tea*
  • Majestic Sequoia*
  • Mineral Oakmoss*
  • Ocean Breeze*
  • Radiant Bergamot*
  • Summer Rain
  • Zest of Verbena*
Pure Dreams

  • Fresh Linen
  • Soap Memories

  • Summer Nights
    (Ocean Breeze w/ Insect Repellent)
  • Neutral*